TorontoBMXJam13 saw a total of 169 riders participate in our event. That was great, up from 147 riders in 2012. It’s so good to spend the weekend with friends enjoying the event and the weekend. That’s the goal behind organizing the event.

Having everything ready to go on time is a challenge. The biggest problem was finalizing the heat sheets so we’d be ready to roll. We need to know who actually showed up and is ready to ride. In the last few days before the event, a total of 71 riders cancelled. Day of the event, 31 riders just didn’t show up or let us know they weren’t coming. Please understand that those kinds of numbers are just SO hard to deal with quickly. We need to know you’re going to be at the Jam. Having you pay in advance and commit to being at the event with a little of your cash will help to either make sure you’ll be there or encourage you to let us know well in advance if you can’t make it. Hope that you understand. And sure hope that you’ll be there. It’s going to be an awesome event in 2014.