IMG 2044 300x225 Welcome to Toronto BMX Jam #ToBMXjam Brett Banasiewicz @iMaddog9

Welcome to Toronto BMX Jam 2013 Brett Banasiewicz @iMaddog9

Crowd and BMX riders at Toronto BMX Jam welcome injured BMX rider Brett Banasiewicz to the Toronto BMX Jam at the International Toronto Bicycle Show Saturday March 2, 2013 during the Pro Riders Heats.

Watch the archived Hangout On Air video of announcer Darryl Nau welcoming Brett to Toronto

To learn more about Brett’s incredible road to recovery click here

For a recent video on his recovery click here

Watch Brett donate his 3rd place prize to help the BMX kids of Toronto “Build More Parks” at the 2012 Toronto BMX Jam

All the best Brett!