The Toronto BMX Jam will be returning to the International Bicycle Show at the Better Living Centre March 2 to 4, 2012 with a course that will make last year’s look a little tame and a schedule that will have everyone stoked. None of it will be possible, of course, unless there’s a slew of helpers who’d love to see it all happen. It’s a monumental task to put it together. The experience, making contacts with riders and pros, the learning, the links to other opportunities – If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, it would be great to have you there. Bring you determination, enthusiasm, and dependable willingness to work hard and you will be welcomed to this year’s Jam Staff.

COURSE SET-UP: 4 volunteers needed for all day Wednesday and Thursday FEBRUARY 29 and MARCH 1 (8:00 am to late) and concluding Friday March 2 in time for opening at noon. The course will need to be moved from it’s winter storage location by transport, unloaded and put together on site. If you have a cordless drill that you could bring along – great. Otherwise, many hands make for quick work.For helping with this undaunting task, there will be food on-site. You will receive TTC tokens for travel to and from the site, the official event shirt and free registration for competing on the course over the weekend.

COURSE DE-CONSTRUCTION: 6 volunteers needed.Beginning at 6:00 pm on Sunday evening March 4, the course will be taken apart and transported back to winter storage. The goal: to be out of the building and the move completed by midnight. Huge job. Similar to the set-up, you will need a cordless drill and a willingness to work quickly. For helping with this challenging task, again food will be available on-site. Other recognition opportunities being organized.

EVENT OPERATIONS: volunteers needed beginning Friday March 2 at 11:00 am and going full-bore until Sunday March 4 at 6:00 pm. The event will need help in the following areas:

  REGISTRATION: Provide a welcoming intro to Toronto and our event, confirm registrations for riders who have registered in advance or register new arrivals, collect event fees, answer questions and generally be as helpful as possible.

   SCORING/RESULTS: Work with our 3 judges and announcer to prepare heat sheets and rider bio sheets, time the heats, tabulate scores, post results, calculate placings and determine prizing.

  HOSTING: Throughout the weekend, there will be food and drinks available for all workers and riders in our hosting area. Your task will be to ensure that there are adequate supplies at all times and that the area is kept civil.

  RUNNER: You will be the one to grab what we’ve forgotten, gather supplies to stock our hosting area, pick up anyone at the airport who needs assistance, take them back to the airport, and generally be helpful. You’ll need your car (gas provided) or are old enough to drive a rental.

  COURSE UP-KEEP: Constant eye on the course to catch anything that might need to be repaired. Sweep up any bits that come off the surface area. You would be the first on site to respond to any emergency and call for assistance.

  MUSIC/DJ: Look after providing the tunes for the sessions. Gather the songs requested by the riders and ensure they’re played when the riders are on course. Make any announcements that need to be made when Catfish isn’t on the mic.

  SECURITY/BIKE MECHANIC: To supplement building and event security provided by the Bike Show people, you will be our person on the site looking after our riders and their bikes, making sure our riders and their friends have access to our areas and that nothing goes missing. You will be the source of help for tubes, chains, spokes, tools and repairs.

  VIDEO/PHOTOGRAPHY: You will capture as much of the event on video as possible. You will be the source of passes for other photographers who show up and limit the number of photographers who get on our course and in our area.

  FLOAT: You will be able to tackle any/all of the above and provide much needed breaks to any of the others.

For your help with running the torontoBMXjam, you will be provided with food and drinks throughout, a letter of reference covering community service hours, TTC tokens to get to and from, event shirt and/or jam staff hoodie.

A big thanks for considering all of this. It’s a great opportunity to share in a huge project that benefits the BMX community in many ways and have a great time with fellow riders. I do hope you decide to join us. Questions, comments, concerns or to register as a “Jam Staff” member, please contact Michael Heaton at bmikeheaton@hotmail.com or torontobmx@hotmail.com. Please provide full contact info, a brief mention of any previous experience, details of availability and the position you’d like to provide. Thanks.