Thanks to everyone who came out to Wallace Emerson to take advantage of the amazing weather. Huge props to the Davis’ family for the truck-load of prizes for the day. To Jason Tojeiro and friends for all that they had done to make sure the dirt course was smooth and fast. Everything will be in place for another month, so if you missed the day come out and enjoy all that this park has for BMX before winter arrives.

Here are the results of the comps that took place.



Michael Warner, 89

Travis Hunt, 85

William Karavas, 83

Tiago Jesus, 81

Daniel Oukya, 78



Spencer Ryan, 91

Isiah Marshall, 87

Matt Weatherill, 87

Oriel Flam-Shepherd, 85

Matt Bolton, 85

James Pinette, 83

Eric Brazil, 83

Taylor Barwich, 80



Stefan Gregoriou, 87

Kael Davis, 86

Tiago Jesus, 85

Maxwell Johnston, 81

Jeff Neves, 80

Michael Dias, 77

William Johnston, 77

Lucious, 75



Dylan Richardson, 92

Yarot Garay, 88

Tyler Jackson, 87.5

Elijah Nicholas, 87

Sebastian Gagne, 86

Curtis Chmielewski, 85.5

William Karavas, 85

Pedro Silva, 84

Alex Tagaras, 83

Ross Terry, 82

Daniel Okuya, 78



Spencer Ryan, 95

Oriel Flam-Shepherd, 92

Matt Weatherill, 91.6

James Pinette, 91

Isiah Marshall, 89.5

Matt Bloton, 89

Eric Brazil, 88

Taylor Barwick, 77