Screen shot 2013 07 22 at 12.09.17 PM 300x190 #TBay Quetico College School Mid Summer BMX Jam Results: #1 Justin DesRosiers (Expert) Deacon Hummell (Under 14) & Adrian McWilliam (Amateur)

” Never seen so many people at such a small event. We even beat Toronto!”: Mike Heaton on 1st Ever Quetico College School Midsummer BMX Jam

Incredibly sunny skies – perfect conditions for the first BMX Jam held on the new Freestyle Park at Quetico College School. Forty-five riders from across North Western Ontario spent the day riding the course and learning new tricks under the mentorship of Pro rider Eric Favot from Windsor, Ontario. The competition treated over 100 spectators to lots of tire taps and grinds along with more than a few flairs from Eric and the Expert riders. Lots of prizes and souvenirs from Ten Pack Distribution, Vans, Eastern Bikes and Toronto BMX. Results:

Under 14
1. Deacon Hummell (Thunder Bay)
2. Dillan Dubray (Thunder Bay)
3. Jayden Jamieson (Thunder Bay)
4. Dallas Bailey (Thunder Bay)
5. Hayden Wolframe (Thunder Bay)

1. Adrian McWilliam (Thunder Bay)
2. Brennen Bates (Thunder Bay)
3. Kyler Arril (Thunder Bay)
4. Phil Parnell (Thunder Bay)
5. Mitchell Ringos (Thunder Bay)

1. Justin DesRosiers (Thunder Bay
2. Brennan Marcinyshyn (Thunder Bay)
3. Patrick McGogy (Dryden)
4. Jacob Thompson (Thunder Bay)
5. John Buosy (Thunder Bay)

Congrats to Brennan Marcinyshyn for completing Eric’s obstacle course with style and winning a new BMX bike!
Mike Heaton, QCS.