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COME TO Toronto BMX Jam 2012 Final Day: Sunday March 4, 2012 11am-5pm at the Toronto International Bicycle Show Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto , Ontario Canada .. and if you can’t make it, watch the event live on

Drew Bezanson @ the Toronto BMX Jam 2012 on

Canadian BMX superhero Drew Bezanson showed what he was made of at the 2012 Pro qualifying rounds for Toronto BMX Jam, part of the annual Toronto International Bicycle Show at the Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place.

“The building shook and there was no earthquake. It was a day of incredible riding. Congrats to everyone, and we look forward to seeing the following 24 Pros take to the course again tomorrow” said event organizer Michael Heaton after posting the results during an evening session sponsored by Fox BMX at Joy Ride 150 in Markham.

Bezanson leads the pack heading into Sunday’s Pro Finals. The results are as follows:

97.33 Drew Bezanson

94.00 Daniel Sandoval

93.33 Brett Banasiewicz

91.67 Vince Byron

91.00 Nick Digerloma

90.67 Broc Raiford

90.00 Benjamin Eylander

90.00 Pat Casey

89.67 Brandon Dosch

87.00 Josh Perry

85.33 Steven Moxley

85.33 Mike Dinello

85.00 Victor Salazar

84.67 Mike Fede

84.33 Zane Bradley

83.33 Matt Ray

83.00 Kevin Teets

82.67 Zeb Dennis

81.33 Darcy Peters

81.33 Will Fisher

80.67 Jason Dorito Perz

79.67 Vinny Mannino

79.00 Zak Jarvis

77.67 Glen Salyes

Read a profile by Journalist KJ Mullins on Drew Bezanson during 2012 Toronto BMX Jam course set up by clicking

Be sure to watch for the Toronto Sun Sunday for an exciting photo of the BMX Jam with a caption “Local BMX Riders Ian Christison, 20 of Toronto and Will Fisher, 22 of Burlington are riding in the Pro Class at largest international BMX Event in Canada at the Toronto International Bicycle Show, Better Living Centre at CNE from noon until 5pm today. Local BMX guru Michael Heaton is spearheading the show, and hopes it will create awareness for more BMX facilities to engage youth in Ontario.  For all the details, including a live stream of the event by Crime Stoppers International Social Media and ReplayXD Canada visit A team of cops involved with the event for the past 5 years say that BMX in Toronto has vastly improved relations between youth and cops, and the social media celebration of the success of the riders in partnership with cops has led to a safer city in the area of summer parks at Wallace Emerson Community Centre and Toronto Community Housing building at 75 Tandridge Cr in Rexdale.”



Screen shot 2012 03 04 at 1.11.55 AM 300x264 Pro Qualifying At Toronto BMX Jam 2012 Belongs To Canadian Drew Bezanson

Canadian BMX Rider Drew Bezanson Leads Going Into Pro Finals at Toronto BMX Jam 2012 at Toronto International Bicycle Show Sunday March 4 at Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place 11am-5pm All Welcome