Six great designs for our event shirt. Time for you to make the call – which one do you like best? Let us know: most votes wins and will be announced Friday January 10, 2014.

Still not too late to make a submission: just send your design in to  You know the shirts are always worn with pride by all riders until they disintegrate into dust. Be the shirt. Front. Back. Sleeves. Whatever. Just incorporate the TorontoBMXJam into your design somewhere and send us your graphics. Don’t forget to pick the shirt colour as well. We’ll post the entries on our website and let the public decide. You win? Well, we’ll all win, but in addition to a year full of fame and glory, you’ll also get:

-your event registration fees paid

-a nice warm hoodie with your design on it

-and 6 of your shirts to share with your peeps.

As submission arrive, they will be posted here.

DEADLINE FOR VOTING: Friday January 10, 2014. 6:00pm!!

How to vote: in comment section, or send a quick vote to:

This one from Michelle Cosentino:







And this one from Shamar Malcolm JamShirtShamarMalcolm







Here’s Sarah Dinel’s and Spencer Ryan’s designSarahShirtNew








How about this one from Simon Showkowy?JamShirtSimonShowkowy









Here’s Dylan Kimple’s shirt:








This design is from Nikita Ducarroz NikitaDuccarozShirt