Making plans to come to the Toronto BMX Jam 2014? Then get your registration in soon. Spots are filling up. Don't worry - winter will be over soon. We're sure looking forward to welcoming you to the event. Course layout is still in the works, but this will give you an idea of what we're planning. The purple ramp is the Joyride150 fun box. Thanks to Eric Favot for the rendering:

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We still need help

Big thanks to those who have volunteered to help out with Toronto Jam 2014. Without these folks, the event would not be happening: Kevin Seabrook, Zeb Dennis, Greg Stephens, Joe Hanik, Stephen Hall, Mike DiMarco, Eric Favot, Francois Bondu, Cheryl Bradley and Spencer Ryan. If you love BMX but won't be entering the comp this time around, more help is still required for the event. That does mean you. Helping to put the course together: 8:00am to 6:00pm, Wednesday February 26 and Thursday February 27. You must be able to spend the entire day there and see the job through [...]

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Six great designs for our event shirt. Time for you to make the call - which one do you like best? Let us know: most votes wins and will be announced Friday January 10, 2014. Still not too late to make a submission: just send your design in to torontobmx@hotmail.com.  You know the shirts are always worn with pride by all riders until they disintegrate into dust. Be the shirt. Front. Back. Sleeves. Whatever. Just incorporate the TorontoBMXJam into your design somewhere and send us your graphics. Don't forget to pick the shirt colour as well. We'll post the entries [...]

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This just in from KRUSHER: Send in your best BMX related pics and get your hand on some great Krusher packages! Your photo has to represent BMX, but not necessarily riding, could be a crowd at a show or contest, you chilling at the Skate Park with your friends or at the trails, only requirement is that we need to feel the BMX spirit! If a KRUSHER PRODUCT appears in the pic... (Logo clearly visible), it will count for an additional 5 LIKES at the end of the contest. You can send as many pics as you like, but quality [...]

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Hey, thanks Alex Wright!

Big thanks go to Chicago rider Alex Wright for the use of his amazing panoramic photo of Toronto BMX Jam 2012 for the new banner up top. And a speedy recovery for him for his nasty knee injury.

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Please try to make sure your helmet is CPSC-Certified for our March event.

Is your helmet certified? The following article appeared on several websites lately and indicates requirements for major BMX events in 2013. Please try to make sure your helmet is approved for our event. This week the Athlete Recovery Fund announced new rule changes in partnership with sports organizers for the X Games, Dew Tour, and the ASA Action Sports World Tour requiring the use of Consumer Product Safety Commission certified helmets in BMX competition, effective in 2013. The news follows the ARF's discovery that a number of high-profile athletes who have sustained traumatic brain injuries in recent action [...]

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Brett Banasiewicz hoping to be our guest judge March 1-3 at Toronto BMX Jam 2013

Sunday March 4, 2012, Pro Finals at the Toronto BMX Jam. Drew Bezanson had discovered the ledge 20 feet above the floor of the course and how to stall that ledge by using the spine – not just to get up there, but down as well. Huge moments: the gathered crowd went nuts. It was one of those moments that will long be remembered in the stellar history of the Toronto BMX Jam. But another event occurred that day as well. Awards time at the end of the day, and the always creative Brett Banasiewicz took centre stage as he [...]

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We'll try our best, but modifications sometimes happen   Click here for official Facebook Event for Toronto BMX Jam 2013 REGISTRATION FOR TORONTOBMXJAM 2013 We're getting ready to welcome you to the Toronto BMX Jam for 2013. The course design has been reviewed and adjusted by Brett Banasiewicz to make sure it will be a fun challenge for you. We're going to be doing a few things over the weekend to try and raise some funds to help him out on his long road to recovery. Everything looks like a great weekend for riding and meeting up with [...]

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Toronto 2012 End of the Season BMX Day, Saturday September 29.

  Thanks to everyone who came out to Wallace Emerson to take advantage of the amazing weather. Huge props to the Davis' family for the truck-load of prizes for the day. To Jason Tojeiro and friends for all that they had done to make sure the dirt course was smooth and fast. Everything will be in place for another month, so if you missed the day come out and enjoy all that this park has for BMX before winter arrives. Here are the results of the comps that took place.   DIRT: AMATEUR Michael Warner, 89 Travis Hunt, 85 William [...]

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