Toronto BMX Jam

The good folks who look after the Toronto Bicycle Show are ready to roll with their event March 6 to 8, 2015. Full details, registration and the schedule can be found at www.xjam.ca.

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TORONTO BMX JAM 2014 SATURDAY MARCH 1: PRELIMINARY HEATS These amazing riders carry on to the finals on Sunday: 91 Rob Armour 23 Jefferson, Ohio 90 Drew Bezanson Mount Onsolw, Nova Scotia 89 Mike Varga 17 Whitby, Ontario 88 Ben Eylander 23 Lansing, Illinois 87 Jake Leiva 19 Tehachapi, California 86 Brandon Webster 17 Stouffville, Ontario 85.5 Glenn Salyers 26 South Bend, Indiana 85 Nick DiGeroloma 25 Medina, Ohio 84.5 Nick Bruce 21 Hubbard, Ohio 84 Mike Gray Newmarket, Ontario 83 Brian Fox 18 Deerfield Beach, Florida 82 Joel Bondu 17 Montreal, Quebec 81.5 Mike Fede Newark, Delaware 81 Eric [...]

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TORONTO BMX JAM 2014 SATURDAY MARCH 1: PRELIMINARY HEATS   RESULTS FROM THE LADY HEATS EVERYONE PROCEEDS TO FINALS ON SUNDAY 90 Perris Benegas 86 Hannah Roberts 82 Carley Young 75 Kiera Bonifacio 74 Sarah Dinel 70 Angie Marino 68 Brooke Betancourt 65 Lilly Melluso   RESULTS FROM THE MOUNTAIN BIKE EVENT TOP 12 RIDERS PROCEED TO SUNDAY FINALS 92 Brett Rheeder 91 Adam Hauck 89 Jake Kinney 88 Matt Macduff 86 Brayden Barrett-Hay 84 Andrew Bigelow 81 Cody Gessel 80 Reed Boggs 75 Alex Paradis 74 Mitch Chubey 73 Sam Croteau 71 Kent Woods   and the rest of [...]

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TORONTO BMX JAM 2014 EXPERT PRELIMINARY HEATS – FRIDAY FEBRUARY 28   THE TOP 16 RIDERS PROCEED TO FINALS ON SUNDAY. THOSE RIDERS ARE: 89 Jamie Cooper-Ellis 81 Alex Leibrock 80 Evan Taneff 79 Justin Soares 77 Jason Aguiar 76 Ryan Van Stemp 76 Jeffery Whaley 76 Jason Kearnan 75 Matt Drew 73 Braden Bygrave 73 Spencer Ryan 72 Kwabena Karikari 72 Jeff Robertson 69 Zach St. Clair 69 Tom Hrinivich 67 Andrew Coulas   THE REST OF THE EXPERT SCORES FOR FRIDAY ARE: 66 Ryan Guzman 64 Kyle LaFleur 63 Al Farrugia 61 John Marks 60 Jesse Trnka 58 [...]

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TORONTO BMX JAM 2014 FRIDAY FEBRUARY 28 AMATEUR RESULTS THE TOP 16 RIDERS GO ON TO FINALS ON SUNDAY   88 Dakota Christopherson 83 Eddie Rovi 78 Jack Clairmont 77 Keaton Dykstra 76 Nathan McCallister 74 Ben Kavanagh 73 Tyler Rizzi 72 Cameron Eader 71 Kevin Seabrook 69 Mike Power 68 Dan Donaghy 67 Dylan Kimple 67 Lukas Hensel-Williams 66 Derek Kulker 65 Jordan Petrov 63 Greg Stevens   AND THE REST OF THE RESULTS FROM FRIDAY FEB 28: 62 Carlos Deleon 61 Joey Lindberg 60 Stephane Sum 59 Larry Hatter 58 Gage Rohfritsch 57 Korben Lirette 56 AndrewWhitty 55 [...]

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Jam14 Course

We've made a few changes for the course for the event this weekend. Here is a totally accurate diagram of the modifications that we've made. Hope that you are ready for all that we have. 

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Krusher BMX, one of the main sponsors of the Toronto BMX Jam this year (with the Krusher Best Trick Competition - mostly reserved for the Pro riders) is pleased to announce it will step up its support for the event by offering an opportunity for the amateurs to get more exposure with its new KRUSHER MVR AWARD (Most Valuable Rider). A group of selected KRUSHER staff will pay close attention to all of the amateur class plus the ladies over the TO Jam weekend and one rider will be selected for a spot on its 2014 flow team  program and have [...]

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Catfish returns

Welcome back Catfish. We're so stoked that you're coming back to the Toronto Jam this year. Thank you for taking the time to fly back from Estonia to announce our event. Big warning for everyone in Toronto though - look out, Catfish is back!

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Freestyle Mountain Biking added to BMX Jam

We're going to share our amazing BMX Freestyle course with Mountain bikers at this year's Toronto BMX Jam as an INVITATIONAL EVENT. You've asked for it - and now it's time to take advantage of the opportunity. SATURDAY March 1 at 11:30 there will be space for 24 PRO MTB riders to take part in the excitement of the event. The top 12 riders from Saturday will proceed to the finals on SUNDAY March 2 at 2:00 pm. To REGISTER, please go to our on-line registration page and get ready for a great day at the Toronto International Bicycle Show. [...]

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Wondering about paying for the Jam in advance?

TorontoBMXJam13 saw a total of 169 riders participate in our event. That was great, up from 147 riders in 2012. It's so good to spend the weekend with friends enjoying the event and the weekend. That's the goal behind organizing the event. Having everything ready to go on time is a challenge. The biggest problem was finalizing the heat sheets so we'd be ready to roll. We need to know who actually showed up and is ready to ride. In the last few days before the event, a total of 71 riders cancelled. Day of the event, 31 riders just [...]

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