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#TBay Quetico College School Mid Summer BMX Jam Results: #1 Justin DesRosiers (Expert) Deacon Hummell (Under 14) & Adrian McWilliam (Amateur)

" Never seen so many people at such a small event. We even beat Toronto!": Mike Heaton on 1st Ever Quetico College School Midsummer BMX Jam Incredibly sunny skies - perfect conditions for the first BMX Jam held on the new Freestyle Park at Quetico College School. Forty-five riders from across North Western Ontario spent the day riding the course and learning new tricks under the mentorship of Pro rider Eric Favot from Windsor, Ontario. The competition treated over 100 spectators to lots of tire taps and grinds along with more than a few flairs from Eric and [...]

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Videos From Toronto BMX Jam 2013 #ToBMXjam

If you have video that you shot at the Toronto BMX Jam this year, we would sure be honoured if you'd let us share it: just send it to Mike Heaton for posting. ( Thanks so much to Justen Soule/Allisports and Andrew Brady/Ride BMX for these:   And from Harvester Bikes/Anthony Bloch:   Watch Toronto BMX Jam 2013 March 1, 2 & 3 live on #HangOutsOnAir on Google Plus and TorontoBMX Youtube Channel To view all of the archived live streamed Google Plus Hangouts On Air videos by Patrick Casey, Scott Mills, Nicholas Maharaj and Robert Cairns click [...]

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Welcome to Toronto BMX Jam #ToBMXjam Brett Banasiewicz @iMaddog9

Welcome to Toronto BMX Jam 2013 Brett Banasiewicz @iMaddog9 Crowd and BMX riders at Toronto BMX Jam welcome injured BMX rider Brett Banasiewicz to the Toronto BMX Jam at the International Toronto Bicycle Show Saturday March 2, 2013 during the Pro Riders Heats. Watch the archived Hangout On Air video of announcer Darryl Nau welcoming Brett to Toronto To learn more about Brett's incredible road to recovery click here For a recent video on his recovery click here Watch Brett donate his 3rd place prize to help the BMX kids of Toronto "Build More Parks" at the 2012 [...]

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Media Advisory March 1-3 2013 Toronto BMX Jam #ToBMXJam at Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place #BicycleShow

Toronto BMX Jam March 1, 2 & 3, 2013 features over 200 riders from around the world at Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place Toronto. Media inquiries contact Scott Mills or text 647-384-7371 Watch Toronto BMX Jam March 1-3 at Better Living Centre Exhibition Place live in person at the venue or on Google Plus Hangouts On Air WHAT: Toronto BMX Jam 2013 (part of the Toronto International Bicycle Show) WHERE: Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto, Ontario Canada WHEN: Friday March 1 12pm-9pm | Saturday March 2 10am-7pm | Sunday March 3 10am-6pm SCHEDULE: [...]

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Spectator Admissions Toronto BMX Jam 2013 #ToBMXJam Mar 1-3 @BicycleShow Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place

Watch Toronto BMX Jam March 1-3 at Better Living Centre Exhibition Place live in person at the venue or on Google Plus Hangouts On Air All riders at the Toronto Jam have their admission to the Toronto Bicycle Show covered. But spectators, friends, family, sponsors, significant others, managers and groupies don't. Please come and support our event, but you will need a ticket to get in: Admissions   Adults $ 13.00 Ages 6-12 $ 9.00 Seniors $ 9.00 Ages 5 and under FREE Family of 4 (max 2 adult) $ 35.00 3 Day Pass $ 29.00 2 Day [...]

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Update on Brett Banasiewicz

Brett Banasiewicz @imaddog9 is working hard every day to make a comeback. If you haven't seen this video yet, you'll be inspired to see how well Brett is doing with his recovery. Check it out: Brett Banasiewicz Update #4 from Athlete Recovery Fund on Vimeo.

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Brett Banasiewicz hoping to be our guest judge March 1-3 at Toronto BMX Jam 2013

Sunday March 4, 2012, Pro Finals at the Toronto BMX Jam. Drew Bezanson had discovered the ledge 20 feet above the floor of the course and how to stall that ledge by using the spine – not just to get up there, but down as well. Huge moments: the gathered crowd went nuts. It was one of those moments that will long be remembered in the stellar history of the Toronto BMX Jam. But another event occurred that day as well. Awards time at the end of the day, and the always creative Brett Banasiewicz took centre stage as he [...]

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We'll try our best, but modifications sometimes happen   Click here for official Facebook Event for Toronto BMX Jam 2013 REGISTRATION FOR TORONTOBMXJAM 2013 We're getting ready to welcome you to the Toronto BMX Jam for 2013. The course design has been reviewed and adjusted by Brett Banasiewicz to make sure it will be a fun challenge for you. We're going to be doing a few things over the weekend to try and raise some funds to help him out on his long road to recovery. Everything looks like a great weekend for riding and meeting up with [...]

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