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Welcome to Toronto BMX Jam #ToBMXjam Brett Banasiewicz @iMaddog9

Welcome to Toronto BMX Jam 2013 Brett Banasiewicz @iMaddog9 Crowd and BMX riders at Toronto BMX Jam welcome injured BMX rider Brett Banasiewicz to the Toronto BMX Jam at the International Toronto Bicycle Show Saturday March 2, 2013 during the Pro Riders Heats. Watch the archived Hangout On Air video of announcer Darryl Nau welcoming Brett to Toronto To learn more about Brett's incredible road to recovery click here For a recent video on his recovery click here Watch Brett donate his 3rd place prize to help the BMX kids of Toronto "Build More Parks" at the 2012 [...]

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Wallace Emerson End Of Summer Jam Wrap Up

We were rained out on September 8th, 2012. It turned out to work out for the best as we had an amazing end of the summer jam at The Wallace Emerson BMX Park on September 29, 2012. A very special thank you to all the people in the community who have supported Toronto BMX events all year. You have truly made a difference for our community. A very special thank you to Michael Heaton for all his tireless work. Thank you for all you do. Special thanks also goes out to Al Crawford, Scott Mills and Antonietta Condello for all [...]

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Tandridge BMX End Of Season Article

Dear World! This is Antonietta Condello I am an employee at York University and a community advocate with Toronto Crime Stoppers. Who has a true compassion and humbleness that lives for my deep belief in and love for children. It is an honor to be part on the "Team Michael Heaton" crew and work behind the scenes to make TorontoBMX a success. Throughout the years I have gained so much knowledge from Mike Heaton’s vision of building more BMX bike parks to engage our youth with life skills surrounding the BMX sport, with the goals of success and safety. Every [...]

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Wallace Emerson Summer Grand Opening Best Trick & BMX Jam Competition Results – June 9, 2012 #TOBMXJam

  Click here to read Toronto Sun Article by reporter Laura Pedersen BEST TRICK 1 – Spencer Ryan (Opposite Decade) 2 – Ori Flam-Shepherd (540 Foot Jam) 3 – Billy Brown (no foot to table)   JUNIORS 1 – Nick Brazil 91.7 2 – Alex Tagaras 88.4 3 – William Karavas – 86.5 4 – Daniel Okuya – 83.8 5 – John Rodopoulos – 80.6   SENIORS 1 – Isiah Marshall – 91.6 2 – James Pinette – 90.5 3 – Eric Brazil – 89.2 4 – Tyler Jackson – 87.3 5 – Mike Depetrillo – [...]

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Wallace Emerson BMX Bike Park 2012 Grand Opening

The Wallace Emerson BMX Bike Park has been honored with a new set of BMX ramps thanks to the tireless advocacy of the BMX community and community collaboration. The city of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation, and TorontoBMX invite the BMX community and the public to a barbeque, ribbon cutting ceremony, Best Trick Competition and BMX Jam on June 9th at the Wallace Emerson Community Centre, 1260 Dufferin St, Toronto. Click here for Facebook Event. Schedule of Events: [Note: Registration in advance for riders in Best Trick and the BMX Jam is preferred. You can register [...]

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Toronto BMX Jam 2012 Feedback Survey

Survey Monkey: How Was The Urban Guerrilla Marketing Group Foot Jam? All riders should have received a survey by now, as long as I had your email address. It would really be appreciated if you could take a moment to answer the 10 brief questions so we can see how we did and what we need to work on for next year. Thanks so much.

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Videos of the Toronto BMX Jam 2012

Here's a few videos to check out: From Chase Davidson: 2012 Toronto BMX Jam Pro Finals from Chase Davidson on Vimeo. From Fat Tony: From Digital BMX: From RIDE BMX: From ESPN: From Marc Landry: If you have any to paste here, please send them to Mike. Thanks

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PRIZES Pick Up Arrangements For Toronto BMX Jam 2012

Didn't pick up your prize on Sunday? I have a few left over. If you placed in the top12 of Junior, Senior or Pro, and all of the ladies, there was a prize pack for you. They are currently stored with our ramps in one of the trailers. As soon as time allows, I'll get them out of there and have them at my place and can arrange your picking it up. Just drop me a line at Thanks again to everyone. Mike

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Finals Heat Times & How To Watch Live At Toronto BMX Jam 2012 Sunday March 4, 2012 11am-6pm At Toronto International Bicycle Show

Thanks to Robert Ewaniuk and Leonard Darrigo of ReplayXD Canada you can watch the Toronto BMX Jam 2012 live on LiveStream by clicking here Thanks for the social feed of the official Toronto BMX "Team Michael Heaton" twitter feed on the pages. The team will be updating what is happening on the live streams from this feed throughout the day.  The official hash tag for the Toronto BMX Jam 2012 is #TOBMXJam | The Toronto International Bicycle Show tweets are by Ian Payton and the hash tag is #bicycleshow Crime Stoppers International Social Media Advisor Scott Mills and Heidi [...]

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