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Jam14 Course

We've made a few changes for the course for the event this weekend. Here is a totally accurate diagram of the modifications that we've made. Hope that you are ready for all that we have. 

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Krusher BMX, one of the main sponsors of the Toronto BMX Jam this year (with the Krusher Best Trick Competition - mostly reserved for the Pro riders) is pleased to announce it will step up its support for the event by offering an opportunity for the amateurs to get more exposure with its new KRUSHER MVR AWARD (Most Valuable Rider). A group of selected KRUSHER staff will pay close attention to all of the amateur class plus the ladies over the TO Jam weekend and one rider will be selected for a spot on its 2014 flow team  program and have [...]

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Catfish returns

Welcome back Catfish. We're so stoked that you're coming back to the Toronto Jam this year. Thank you for taking the time to fly back from Estonia to announce our event. Big warning for everyone in Toronto though - look out, Catfish is back!

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Freestyle Mountain Biking added to BMX Jam

We're going to share our amazing BMX Freestyle course with Mountain bikers at this year's Toronto BMX Jam as an INVITATIONAL EVENT. You've asked for it - and now it's time to take advantage of the opportunity. SATURDAY March 1 at 11:30 there will be space for 24 PRO MTB riders to take part in the excitement of the event. The top 12 riders from Saturday will proceed to the finals on SUNDAY March 2 at 2:00 pm. To REGISTER, please go to our on-line registration page and get ready for a great day at the Toronto International Bicycle Show. [...]

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Toronto BMX Jam 2014 Course Layout Video by Tommy Norman & Eric Favot #TOBMXJam

Toronto BMX Jam 2014 Course Design View Here it is folks. Big thanks go to Tommy Norman for taking Mike's original plan and Eric Favot's modification and turning it into an awesome video for what we have planned for you in March. We're ready to assemble it all at the end of February and have it ready for you. This is looking great. Get your registrations in before all the spots are filled. Look forward to seeing you all on the flipside of winter. Click here: TorontoJam2014

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Wondering about paying for the Jam in advance?

TorontoBMXJam13 saw a total of 169 riders participate in our event. That was great, up from 147 riders in 2012. It's so good to spend the weekend with friends enjoying the event and the weekend. That's the goal behind organizing the event. Having everything ready to go on time is a challenge. The biggest problem was finalizing the heat sheets so we'd be ready to roll. We need to know who actually showed up and is ready to ride. In the last few days before the event, a total of 71 riders cancelled. Day of the event, 31 riders just [...]

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Making plans to come to the Toronto BMX Jam 2014? Then get your registration in soon. Spots are filling up. Don't worry - winter will be over soon. We're sure looking forward to welcoming you to the event. Course layout is still in the works, but this will give you an idea of what we're planning. The purple ramp is the Joyride150 fun box. Thanks to Eric Favot for the rendering:

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We still need help

Big thanks to those who have volunteered to help out with Toronto Jam 2014. Without these folks, the event would not be happening: Kevin Seabrook, Zeb Dennis, Greg Stephens, Joe Hanik, Stephen Hall, Mike DiMarco, Eric Favot, Francois Bondu, Cheryl Bradley and Spencer Ryan. If you love BMX but won't be entering the comp this time around, more help is still required for the event. That does mean you. Helping to put the course together: 8:00am to 6:00pm, Wednesday February 26 and Thursday February 27. You must be able to spend the entire day there and see the job through [...]

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Six great designs for our event shirt. Time for you to make the call - which one do you like best? Let us know: most votes wins and will be announced Friday January 10, 2014. Still not too late to make a submission: just send your design in to torontobmx@hotmail.com.  You know the shirts are always worn with pride by all riders until they disintegrate into dust. Be the shirt. Front. Back. Sleeves. Whatever. Just incorporate the TorontoBMXJam into your design somewhere and send us your graphics. Don't forget to pick the shirt colour as well. We'll post the entries [...]

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We are now ready to welcome your registrations for the Toronto BMX Jam, being held at the Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto, Friday February 28 (Senior Amateur and Expert) from noon until 9:00pm, and again Saturday March 1 (Junior Amateur, Ladies and Pros) from 10:00 am until 7:00pm.  The finals in all 5 categories will take place on Sunday March 2. To enter the competition, please email Mike Heaton with any special requests or questions that you might have. If you are all set to register and pay for your registration, please register below. The registration cost will be [...]

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