by Scott Mills with files from Beatrice Trang and Rob Cairns

Kelly Novosel Photo by

Amazing stories and videos on the ladies category have been posted, and continue to be posted by Beatrice Trang

For a spotlight on BMX rider Kelly Novosel on Amateur Day Friday March 2, 2012 at Toronto BMX Jam in Toronto click

For a full story on the results of all the qualifying round for female riders at Toronto BMX Jam Peta Shepherd, Angie Marino, Kiera Bonifacio, Stefanie Mracic, Brooke Betancourt, Jessica Ausec, Suzy McCombe, Kennedy Novosel click on Bea’s blog

We anxiously look forward to watching the female category on Sunday at 11am.

For all the Saturday Heat Times click

To watch the live stream by ReplayXD on LiveStream click

To watch the live stream by Heidi Bezanson and Nicholas Maharaj on UStream click (sporadic coverage)

To watch both the Livestream and the Ustream at the same time in the same window click here:


This post was inspired by Rob Cairns.  Special thanks for donating your time and talents to create our new website pro bono.  Your community service is much appreciated Rob!


Videos by Rob Cairns, community donor of our new webiste.

This was some amazing riding that brought the house down: